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Premier Storage Shelves

Aurora Storage is your premier destination for everything storage and shelving. We supply a host of markets including healthcare, education, libraries, legal, financial, schools, and state and local government with shelving systems, mobile shelving storage systems, book shelves, commercial shelves, and rotary storage. Our commercial shelving systems are built with a high-quality fit and finish making them durable and reliable for years to come.



Times-2 Rotary Cabinets


The Advantages of Times-2™
Times-2™ is a compact storage system which rotates for fast access from either side and gives double the depth for more multimedia storage.

Compact Storage Solutions
Unlike ordinary lateral files, the special rotary cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level. You can save space, divide space, and place Times-2™ where no ordinary lateral cabinet can go.

Versatile Shelving Units
Times-2™ and the Times-2 Elite with faceted, elegant design lines, provide more versatile storage than laterals.

Times Two Equals the Best of Both Worlds
With all the storage benefits of a lateral cabinet and all the space-saving virtues of a vertical cabinet, the Times-2 Rotary Cabinet offers the perfect office shelving solutions for any business setting.

Innovation Meets Efficiency – Aurora Storage ProductsShelving Systems
Combining the storage capacity of a 4-drawer lateral business shelving unit with the efficiency and versatility of a 7-tier adjustable shelving unit, Times-2 metal shelving units represent the wave of the future.


Quik-Lok Shelving

Aurora invented the Quik-Lok concept, a shelving design that assembles with no tools, braces, or hardware. American-made Aurora shelving units come with a limited lifetime warranty and are available in more standard sizes and styles than any other brand. We can also create custom-sized widths and heights, giving you true design flexibility.

Aurora’s compact storage solutions are ideal for all your home and business shelving needs. Our shelves and storage units are a favorite of markets such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, government, law enforcement, industrial, and food service.


Our metal shelving units are manufactured with 40% recycled steel and coated with an environment-friendly powder coat that is safe for documents and other stored items.

Features of Aurora shelves and storage include:

  • Modular components for design freedom
  • Heavy-duty quality for long life
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • More standard sizes and styles
  • Recycled steel content and no VOCs
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom design assistance

Wide-Lok Wide-Span Shelving

Aurora Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving provides a strong, durable storage solution for larger and heavier objects such as:

  • Bankers Boxes
  • Museum Artifacts & Sculpture
  • Large Police Evidence
  • Miltary Ready Bags
  • Bulk Storage
  • Retail Goods

Our Wide-Lok Shelving uses standard closed uprights* and features 8 shelf widths and 5 shelf depths. Just as with regular Quik-Lok Shelving, Wide-Lok assembles with minimal tools.

  • Mix Wide-Lok with Standard Shelving
  • Mobile Ready Option
  • 31 Standard Colors with no VOCs
  • Colors match to all Aurora Products including Shelving, Mobile, Times-2, and Museum Cabinets
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Mobile Shelving


Aurora Storage offers high-density mobile storage products to fill every type of need, from high-density filing systems to storage solutions for library books, industrial parts, retail goods, art collections, museum specimens, and athletic equipment. Our high-density mobile shelving systems are durable enough to handle some of our toughest clients.

How Aurora Mobile Storage Systems Work

Unlike traditional stationary shelves, Aurora mobile shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that moves back and forth and/or side to side, enabling you to store much more in half the floor space.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Aurora Mobile Storage

Overcrowded and disorganized spaces can lead to a host of problems, including safety hazards, loss of productivity, and frustration for employees as they struggle to find items. Aurora mobile storage systems help you get organized, reduce safety hazards, and improve employee morale and productivity—all boons to your bottom line.

Features of Aurora Mobile high-density shelving and storage include:

  • Modular components for design freedom
  • Heavy-duty quality for long life
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • More standard sizes and styles
  • Recycled steel content (40%) and a document-safe finish with no volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom design assistance



The Wood-Tek Concept
What do you get when you blend the warmth of wood with the strength of steel? ANSWER: Wood-Tek shelving and cabinetry

Wood-Tek’s classic good looks grace the hallways and front areas of business, legal and accounting firms, as well as libraries and schools across the country. Wood-Tek is not only beautiful, but strong enough to support the weight of the heaviest of media.

Why Wood-Tek, and not Millwork?
Wood-Tek combines the inviting look of wood shelving with the sturdy structure of metal shelving. Wood-Tek is a unique storage system that pairs real wood end panels, doors, and shelf edges with Aurora Shelving to make a product unsurpassed in beauty, strength, and versatility. At the end of the day, Wood-Tek can hold more weight than traditional millwork.

Why choose Wood-Tek over wooden case work?
Wood-Tek is the perfect solution, fusing the resiliency of steel library shelving with the warmth of authentic wood finishes. While metal library shelving can bear the heaviest loads for years on end, traditional wood invites readers into a pleasant atmosphere. Why sacrifice strength for beauty? Choose Wood-Tek for your corporate or legal library  shelving systems and get the best of both worlds.


Wire Shelving


Aurora Storage carries high-quality storage wire shelving racks for your shelving needs. Markets such as education, healthcare, and food service use wire racks for a variety of needs.

Our wire racks are easy to install and require only a mallet to put together.Wire Shelving – A versatile storage solution for any setting.

Use our wire racks to store various items for schools such as textbooks, craft supplies, AV equipment; for healthcare items like surgical supplies, gowns, towels; and for food service supplies including bulk consumables, canned goods, and cooking utensils. No matter what you need to store, no matter where you need to store it, wire shelves are flexible enough to do the job.

Wire Rack Shelving – Strong and Durable
Wire racks are prized for their strength and durability. These sturdy wire racks from Aurora Storage Products can handle weight up to 800 lbs. If you’re faced with a heavy load, let wire storage racks do the hard work.